Jonathan Martin Dixit – Babyworld 2014

Thanks to Jacqueline Crawley for her review of BabyWorld:

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Babyworld - Jonathan Dixit 2014What a unique story.  This is a new author for me. I have to say that the 1st time I read the beginning I was distracted but when I finished the book I looked at the beginning again and had no issues.  The beginning seems a bit wild and disorganized but the main character is dealing with trauma and is in fact all those things.  Slowly we learn about this new world were science has made smart people. It is a bit of a detective story.  The main character is not personable and that was a risk the author took – we aren’t sympathetic until about 1/2 way through the story.  In the end I feel the story was a good one and very relevant.


by Dixit, Jonathan Martin, author.
Year/Format: 2014, Book , 332 pages ;
• Brain–Evolution–Fiction.
• Canada–Fiction.
• Dystopias–Fiction.
• Intelligence levels–Fiction.
• Lawyers–Fictlion.

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